I bet you are wondering what Third Party Billing is all about.  Well, we have put together some questions & answers that may give you a better understanding.

Question #1:  What is Third Party Billing?

Answer:  Third party billing is done through an off-site billing company for the services and transportation that is provided to you by Westampton Township Emergency Services.  Any and all information provided to us by you is shared only with the Emergency Room Staff involved directly with your care and the billing company.

Question #2:  What if I don’t have insurance?

Answer:  Regardless whether you have insurance or not, you will be treated with the utmost professionalism and care by the members of the Westampton Twp Emergency Services.  The billing company will send you a bill.  If you are able to pay any or the entire bill, we appreciate it.  If you can not afford to pay, that is okay too.  We do not send anybody to collections.  The last thing we want is for anyone to be afraid to call for help just because we bill for service.  Your health and well being is what we care about.

Question #3:  What is the money used for?

Answer:  The money collected from billing is placed into a fund that helps offset costs of running our organization and helps with keeping taxes stable in Westampton Township.