Having a busy ambulance program means needing many Emergency Medical Technicians, or EMTs.  Are you interested in helping us fill our needs?

The Westampton Township Emergency Services is actively recruiting candidates to be Volunteer EMTs.  Were willing to bet that you have what it takes!

Our EMTs are frequently called upon to help those who are in need of medical attention for a variety of reasons.  From toothaches and headaches to child births and heart attacks; our EMTs pride themselves on providing the very best in prehospital care and saving lives everyday.  When a member of the public calls for an ambulance, our EMTs are there, ready to go to the limit to provide the very best degree of health care possible.

All of our recruit EMTs are afforded the opportunity to take the New Jersey sanctioned Emergency Medical Technician – Basic course, free of charge.  Once certified as a New Jersey EMT, you will be undergo further on-the-job training on actual EMS calls until you are confident in your abilities in patient care.

Our Volunteer EMTs are required to serve 24 hours of duty time each month.  During these 24 hours, the EMTs will take part in the routine activities involved in keeping the station clean and the ambulances ready to go.  Often times, our EMTs can be found continuing their education and improving upon their skills so that they are better prepared to serve. 

Our company offers all of our members, including our EMTs, full access to our gym facility, which includes the very best in state of the art physical conditioning equipment.  Your physical health is one of the most important factors in being able to ensure the continual health of the public.

So, if you’re interested in joining the ranks as a Westampton Emergency Medical Technician, please contact the station at (609)267-2041 or Chief Johnson at wjohnson@westamptonfire.org.   We’re patiently waiting to hear from you!