Interested in joining the ranks of the Fire Police are you?

Well we have good news for you, because we are always looking for Fire Police!

The Fire Police officers of Westampton are dedicated to protecting those who protect others. 

Whether diverting traffic around the scene of a car accident or setting up detours around a major fire incident, our Fire Police are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the working Firefighters and EMTs, while also doing their part to keep Westampton moving at a steady rate.

As a Recruit Fire Police officer, you will be given the opportunity to take the New Jersey mandated Fire Police course free of charge.

Once this is completed, you will have every chance to work alongside some of Burlington County’s most respected Fire Police officers.  These are the men and women who do the very best at providing Traffic Direction and Crowd Control.  Our Fire Police are also instrumental in all of our department’s Public Education details, being able and experienced to work hand in hand with our Firefighters and EMTs to show the public the very best of what we do.

Our Fire Police officers normally follow the same 24 hour Duty Crew program as our Firefighters and EMTs, however our Fire Police also have the option to provide Home Response service as well.  Our Fire Police are always an integral part of the WTES family.

Are you interested in joining the ranks of our Fire Police?  If so, please do not hesitate to contact the station at (609)267-2041 or Chief Johnson at  You can also feel free to call the station at (609)267-2041 at anytime.