Interested in being a Westampton Firefighter?

The Westampton Township Emergency Services has a virtually unlimited number of openings for Volunteer Firefighters.  As a Westampton Firefighter, you will be faced with a multitude of challenges while you progress in your career.  These challenges, if faced willingly, will lead you to a new, yet successful and rewarding life style.

From Apparatus Drivers, to Interior Firefighters… Vehicle Rescue Technicians to Hazardous Material Technicians, our members are always doing their part to save lives and property, thus affording our residents and visitors a safer and more comfortable way of life.

As a Recruit Firefighter, you will be provided the necessary training, free of charge, so that once completed, you will be able to safely and effectively function as a structural firefighter.   

Our Volunteer Firefighters are required to serve 24 hours a month minimum of duty time standing by at the fire station, ready to serve.  During this “Duty Crew” time, our members become part of a tight knit family, taking care of the daily chores to upkeep the firehouse and the equipment.  Time is also spent performing training exercises, making sure our members are already for any challenge that may come their way.  Of course, when the work is done, there’s always time for Leisure Activities playing sports, Video Games, or just relaxing and watching the Big Screen TV.  For the night crews, our station is also equipped with full sleeping quarters and private shower rooms, allowing our volunteers to serve around the clock, and still comfortably leave for work or school the next morning

As a Firefighter, your physical condition is also important to ensure that you are ready to perform the most stringent of tasks at a moments notice.  To give our members every possible means to be fit and ready to work, our department has fitted our station with a full gym, loaded with some of the most modern and advanced physical conditioning equipment available.  All of our members are encouraged to use the gym whenever possible.

Do you like hard work, long hours, and little to no pay?  Then we have a job for you as a Firefighter with the Westampton Township Emergency Services.

For more information, please contact the station at (609)267-2041 or Chief Johnson at   As always, we’re always open, so stop in at anytime!